WOW!!! Within one day Ashley had my 14-month-old son out of a 4 AM wake up rut! Our son has been a pretty great sleeper (thanks to some routine check-ins with Ashley) but randomly he started having issues with early rising. We tried to correct it ourselves but ended up falling back into some sleep crutches that ultimately kept him from regaining his schedule. After one call with Ashley we were able to make a plan, follow it and the following day he slept till 7 AM! We are so grateful and encourage anyone who has sleep troubles with their little ones to reach out to Ashley. There is nothing more priceless than a good nights sleep and nice long naps!


The Brannon Family

Working with Ashley was fantastic! She was like our own compassionate cheerleader, encouraging us through the tough first few days and checking in regularly. Knowing that we have kids who are similar in age and she did the same sleep training with both of them was super helpful. She helped us consider our lifestyle and daily routine, our older child’s routine and temperament, and our caregiver’s temperament as we built our sleep plan.

Our 9-month-old was never a consistent sleeper, often up at least twice a night for up to 90 minutes at a time. When we started working with Ashley we had just moved into a house where the baby was sleeping in her own room for the first time—lots of big adjustments! Ashley helped us through all of them, acknowledging where things would get tough so we could prepare, checking in frequently, gently course-correcting, and bringing compassion to every interaction.

Now, the baby takes two regular naps, each at least 90 minutes, and puts herself to sleep for each one. AND she’s sleeping through the night consistently; nighttime wakeups are now rare, and when they do happen, we have a tried-and-true plan to get her back to sleep quickly.

Ashley really listened to what we needed, gave us a clear plan to get there, and helped us stay on track for the three weeks it took to train everyone. She also helped us plan ahead to when our caregiver (my mom) is able to come out of self-isolation to help out again, and how to teach her our baby’s new routine. We’re so thrilled we were able to work with Ashley, and recommend her without hesitation!

The Webber Family - Seattle, WA

Ashley was wonderful to work with - she is knowledgeable, compassionate, and eager to find solutions that were best for me and my daughter. I started working with Ashley after doing a LOT of sleep work on my own over the past 4 months with my 7 month old. We came a long way on our own, but at this point were having a hard time finding exactly what we needed to tweek to eliminate early wake ups, have consistent naps, and minimize night feeds. Ashley spent time getting to know what approaches we've taken already, what my daughter has responded well to (and not well to), and made sure to understand what we are and are not comfortable with. After gathering a ton of information, she was able to find small details in our schedule and strategies to tweak that made a big difference.

With her encouragement to remain consistent in her recommendations, it took only a week and a half to completely eliminate night wakeups/feedings, have a consistent naps schedule and reintroduce a 3rd nap (WIN!), and push back her morning wake up time...for the first time in 7 months I slept through the night and had a break from obsessing over my daughters sleep. I can't recommend Ashley's keen eye and sleep strategies more, I learned a lot in a short period of time. Thank you Ashley!!

Teanna - Mom of 7 month old baby girl

We are truly thankful for Ashley's sleep coaching. Before working with Ashley, our LO was waking up at 10 pm, 3 am, and 5 am for feedings and comforting.  Needless to say, we were exhausted and reached out to Ashley for a lifeline. Her approach is both gentle and effective. In our first meeting, Ashley identified some quick win behavior changes that had an almost immediate impact. Within the first week of the program, our LO started putting herself to sleep without extensive nursing or coddling. From there we worked on fine-tuning our baby’s nap schedule to ensure her sleep tank was always full by bedtime. 

With Ashley's help, we are now prepared and have the confidence to apply the techniques necessary to promote sleep for our LO. She is now sleeping 11 to 12 hours a night without interruption. We are quite fortunate and grateful for Ashley's patience and support throughout the entire process. 

Sara and Darren - parents of 10-month-old baby girl